RVC gave startups the index of investment attractiveness

RVC gave startups the index of investment attractivenessThe first (pilot) session on the index of investment attractiveness Russian Startups Index (RSI), which is calculated and given to innovative start-ups, took place on the 3rd of November at the Moscow International Forum of innovative development Open Innovations.

To participate in this session, the start-ups had to take part in a joint project of RVC, GreenfieldProject, Association of Medical startups MedStart, the Center for Innovation and Commercialization and StartupPoint for the selection and support of innovative projects called Russian Startup Highway.

The procedure of giving Russian Startup Index is held in two main stages: the collection and analysis of data on startup using questionnaire and its expert evaluation conducted either through correspondence or in-person at the expert sessions with the participation of authoritative experts in a particular industry.

First 19 startups got the RSI index at the expert session that took place on the 3rd of November. The index is valid until May 3, 2013. The projects must go through the procedure one more time after this period of time to get the index again, and in this case the index will contain the information necessary to determine the dynamics of projects’ development.