Blogosphere turns thumbs up on sheltering Mr.Snowden in Russia

Blogosphere turns thumbs up on sheltering Mr.Snowden in RussiaThe Company Integrum has analysed perception of Edward Snowden`s in social networks of Russian Federation.

In the course of investigation there has been stated that:

1. Bloggers` and users` of social network attitude to Edward Snowden is favorable. Most bloggers positively say about Mr.Snowden (86% of all messages of this subject). The amount of negative messages is insignificant (14%).
2. Since Edward Snowden`s arrival to the Airport Sheremetyevo, there has been published more than 160 thousand of messages in social networks. Among them – not less than 14 thousand comments of users. Bots and unfavorable accounts have not been detected in the course of the investigation.
3. Most bloggers (78%) consider that it is necessary to afford political asylum to Mr.Snowden in Russia.
4. Only 15% of users stand for affording the political asylum to Mr.Snowden by another country (Eсuador, Iceland, Cuba, etc.).

Meanwhile the chief of a social network Vkontakte Pavel Durov offered job to Mr.Snowden. Pavel has written on his site page: “Today Edward Snowden - man, who found out American intelligence agency against citizens all over the world – received temporary refuge in Russia. In such minutes one can fell proud for our country and sorrow concerning the course of USA – a country that gives away principles on which it has been some day constructed on.

We invite Edward to Saint Petersburg and will be glad if he decides to join brilliant team of programmers in Vkontakte. Finally, there is no more popular European Internet company than VK. I think that Edward can be interested in securing private data of millions of our users”.