New venture Fund in the sphere of online financial service launches in Russia

New venture Fund in the sphere of online financial service launches in RussiaPartners “Quadro Capital Partners” jointly with the company “FOREX CLUB” Vyacheslav Taranov and Oleg Reps announce about the launch of direct investments venture fund “FXC-QCP VC@, which will be focused on investments in the sphere of online financial services and related spheres. Target amount of the fund is $5M for one project.

As high-priority target sectors are considered the following: payment systems, assets managements, banking, financial and business services (including B2B services for companies, which serve retail business, - B2B2C), business-simulators and business-games, business-education. The fund is aimed at work with starting projects, and also projects, which are at the early stage of its development and actively grows. The target geography: Russia, CIS, East European countries, European Union, and also Israel projects, focused on global market.

The Fund will be located under joint project of partners from QCP and founders FOREX CLUB. The active activity start of the Fund “FXC-QCP VC” is the first half of 2014.

Gendryus Pukas, managing partner of the QCP noted: “The segment of online financial services possesses great development potential. Collected experience of partners of the Fund in successful development of financial Internet-business in various regions of the world gives sufficient basis for selecting perspective projects and rendering them effective support in development”.

The partner of the Fund, co-founder of the Group of companies FOREX CLUB Vyacheslav Taran, commented: “We possess a deep expertize in the sphere of financial and Internet-business In a global scale. The evident is the fact of great development of this industry, and, correspondingly, great need of the branch in investments. We are sure in the fact that the Fund FXC-QCP VC and the “win-win” approach will effectively support formation of the whole range of successful projects”.

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