Electric features of graphene can be improved by oxygenation

Electric features of graphene can be improved by oxygenationA new method that makes graphene more suitable for the usage in electric devices is worked out at North-West University (Illinois). The oxygenation of graphene should improve its features.

It is known that graphene doesn`t have semiconductor properties in its natural condition. Thought there are some methods of chemical changing of the material like Hammer`s oxidization discovered in 40-s, all methods require the use of strong acids that damage the crystal structure of graphene.

A new method described by the specialists of the Mc`Kormic`s school (North-West University) allows to get chemically homogeneous oxidized graphene without inner transformation. Moreover, this reaction is reversible that simplifies the tweaking of final features of chemically-modified graphene.

To get some oxide it is needed to introduce some oxygen into a vacuum chamber and on the 1500*C heated tungsten wire the disintegration of the oxygen will happen. After that the high reactive atoms of oxygen should be evenly introduced to the array of graphene. As spectroscopy showed the electronic features of this material differ depending on the oxygen concentration which allows regulating the electronic features of future graphene based devices.

Now the scientists work out the ways of the future chemical modification of graphene in hope to get all-possible materials.