The report on past poSEEDelki

The report on past poSEEDelki Another informal meeting of the IT-businessmen # poSEEDelki took place at Digital October Technopark on March 6. The event is organized twice a month by GreenfieldProject team. The format of this meeting is World Creativity Cafe, the concept already taken to and tested at some of the previous # poSEEDelki. So, this time five leading projects and five moderators were selected and all participants were divided into 5 groups. The authors dispersed to the tables with the large sheets of paper for recording on them the project description and good ideas.

By a signal from Peter Tatishchev, the # poSEEDelki host, all participants came up to their tables and began to discuss the projects. World Creativity Cafe consists of several rounds on the number of tables (five in this case). One round per a table, after which each group moves on to the next project. The authors also move from table to table, as the moderators of their projects pass the information received from the author to each new group, and write proposals from each group. Such a complex principle is necessary that no idea is rejected immediately under discussion, as if the author was the moderator, and all proposals passed through the filter of his prevailing views about how and what you need for the project - said Renat Garipov, one of the GreenfieldProject founders. During the finals the authors make the presentations of the project and single out successful in their point of view ideas that they are going to implement.

This time in the # poSEEDelki participated:

1. OpenTown – a crowdsourcing project, a news portal of citizen journalism. One can post news about his city, taken from another site, or write his own material. Moreover, all publications are classified: news of the Russian scale will be visible to everyone, while the city news will be available only to the residents of the region. In addition, users can select a city from the list to get acquainted with the corresponding flow of news. By means of voting each publication gains rating and in accordance with it takes a position on the newsfeed. The main problem according to the authors is a highly competitive market - every city has a local information portal. From this follows the question of filling a regional content to match the level of a comprehensive city news site. To solve this problem the OpenTown team has created WebLab, assisting each region in the implementation of creative ideas. # poSEEDelki participants advised to create the section Guide for each region containing tips for travelers from first-hand - from the city's residents. There also came a suggestion to create a mobile application that allows users to post news about the event instantly. And the organizers advised to consider the mechanics of geo-location services to motivate the portal visitors and to consider the citypedia format – a portal containing full information on each region.

2. For each other – a free advertisement service in the form of a Facebook application. The project is not for the first time at GreenfieldProject team event, the authors have already managed to present it at the January # Feedback. This time the creators have articulated the problems of the project: how to expand overseas, how to initiate the creation of ads and how to integrate the application with other sites. The participants noted that the English-speaking area has its own players, and for a successful entry into this market it is necessary, first, to find a suitable name for the service, which will be clear both to the Russian and foreign markets. Second, the January # Feedback advice to pay attention to the design and usability repeated. Third, the participants advised to create Graber for gathering the maximum of the information about each user for the subsequent issuance of personal ad-tips on the basis of material collected. There also came proposals to create the internal virtual currency to pay for paid services, to integrate with all sorts of Free-Lance and geolocation sites. Judging by the puzzled look of the author of the project, such proposals did not occur to him and he obviously did not regret the time spent.

3. Check-time - a mobile application in which users can assign time and meeting place. A latecomer pays the one who comes on time. Each user has a virtual account for this. Although the project is at the idea stage, many participants want to immediately install an app and start using it. The project received the sympathy of the audience instantly and immediately got a huge number of proposals for the development, from integration with and AlterGeo to an elaborate mechanism of increasing users’ loyalty by awarding badges and points. The most interesting advice that attracted the author was awarding the most punctual person of the month by money collected during this period in the joint bank. In other words, a user who hasn’t been late even once, breaks the jack-pot, accumulated by the charges for each meeting. The administration has not left the project aside. They proposed to develop a mechanism to predict how many people would come to the event: The site is reserved according to the number of people registered. In fact the number of those who came and the number originally planned did not match. In this connection there is a need of a service to motivate the registered participant to attend the event. The author of the project was pleased that his idea met the approval of the audience and thanked everyone for their helpful advice.

4. The Bureau of wishes - a place where without any effort, time and money all your dreams can come true. What is necessary for that? As the authors of the project say - almost nothing. You just have to make an interesting presentation of your wish and take the first place. The founders of the portal plan to create a live-show where bringing the wishes into life will be the script for the scenes. All the advice of the # poSEEdelki participants were related to the project monetization. It was offered to attract the wish sponsors. For example, a travel agency which will fulfill the desire to visit any corner of the Earth. It is also advised to resort to such a marketing tool as product placement, and make friends with the coupon aggregators. The author of the project seemed quite happy and thanked everyone for the ideas. This was either due to the high interest for the project expressed by the participants, or because of the interest from MTV.

5. PlayStation for Social Net (PS4SN) - application for VKontakte to promote gaming consoles. The project is at the idea stage, originally presupposing to carry out a quiz. The winner is awarded a PlayStation. As a result of # poSEEDelki the author of the project developed a list of ideas on the format and topics of the competition. For example, the crowdsourcing format was proposed for users to devise the questions for the quiz, and the author of the most interesting or difficult question gets a discount, or points he can exchange on a new console or game. Further, it was offered to provide access to the demo-versions of games for the users through the application. Thus, it allows both to advertise the game, and once again award SonyPlaystation to the best player. We will not disclose all of the ideas suggested by participants of the event # poSEEDelki. If you want a sea of useful ideas and advice, come to the next meeting!