IT-park Business Incubator refilled with new residents

IT-park Business Incubator refilled with new residentsThe results of the Sixth competitive selection process for IT-park Business Incubator residency are summed up. The total number of applications from 13 cities of Russia and the Ukraine amounted to 118 projects, one-third of which are the projects from Naberezhnye Chelny.

The expert committee made its choice on April 13, 2012. It consisted of Global TechInnovations Technology Consulting department Director Alexei Filimonov, TexDrive International Business Accelerator Director General Alexander Zhurba, Fast Lane Ventures investment analyst Andrey Kulikov, AlterGeo co-founder Sergey Kurlovich, Projector Ventures managing partner Leonid Volkov and Greenfield Project co-founder Renat Garipov.

By the decision of the expert committee acting Business Incubator residents SpeakTo, Avtodor, Startpack, AlphaSmart, Magazinga, Stepmark, Effektivno.rf, Plusner, KAMAZ-Sport acquired the status of the remote residents of the IT-Park Business Incubator, the 10Tracks project retained its place in the incubator.

Remote residents Wipsh and AdCaptcha got the right for accommodation at the IT-park Business Incubator.

Appointments and BalalarProduction projects lost the IT-park Business Incubator resident status.

According to the decision of the expert committee IT Park and Business Incubator residents TIT Group, Digital Loyalty System, 10tracks, RealSpeaker, 123 apps, Magazinga, Modern internet technology, Etton, SportFort, SpeakTo got the right to internship in the U.S.

According to the results of the Sixth selection among the new projects having the right for placing at the IT-park Business Incubator were:

• Lcor, a portal for browser-based MMO games for mobile phones;
• Ecwid, a widget allowing to run an online store quickly and without expences at any third party site.

The status of the remote residents of IT-Park Business Incubator, on the basis of the Sixth selection received:

• Foundook is e-recruitment, the system for staff search in social networks;
• Avtodelka (Yoshkar-Ola) is a catalog of car repair shops, car repair cost online appraisal;
• Clomix (Naberezhnye) is cloud service for retail outlets on account of goods using mobile applications;
• ManGet (Naberezhnye Chelny) is a game for social networks and mobile platforms My car 3D;
• SpoSpo (Naberezhnye Chelny) is a service for sponsors on selection of sports teams, sponsoring facilities;
• Future Today (Naberezhnye Chelny) is service provider aggregator based on web ATS;
• ChessHouse (Naberezhnye Chelny) is a service for playing and learning chess games;
• Seegnal (Naberezhnye Chelny) is a notification system about the problems with sites, based on SaaS.

Accepting applications for the seventh selection of projects for the status of business incubator residents on begins April 14. The deadline for applications is on May 9, on the Victory Day.