Portfolio company of SIF RVC launched its Green Chemistry

Portfolio company of SIF RVC launched its Green ChemistryRisilika - a portfolio company of Seed Investment Fund RVC (SIF RVC) - launched an experimental laboratory production line at the capital's Technopolis Moskvich industrial park on July 18, 2012 for testing the technology of production amorphous silica from rice husk, RVC website reports. The resulting product, amorphous silica (Aerosil, or ADC), is widely used in the chemistry of thin technologies for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paint industry, the production of silicone rubbers, sealants, lubricants and composite materials.

Risilika’s technologies refer to green chemistry direction and allow producing environmentally friendly products from unused agricultural residues - rice husk and rice straw. The developed and patented Risilika’s technology uses unique equipment to produce compounds of silicon, making full use not only of raw materials but also of the thermal potential of rice husk.

According to our estimates, new technology will reduce the cost of aerosil production almost 20 times compared to existing technologies – the General Director of Risilika Sergei Pisarenko says. – Judging by the quality of the ADC production Risilika will be a complete analogue of a well-known company Evonik (former Degussa), which makes products under AEROSIL® brand. In this case, unlike competing technologies, the production of Risilika is environmentally sound and wasteless. For example, pyrolysis gas generated during the processing of rice husk is converted into thermal energy for the needs of the enterprise.

According to Milestone company research, ADC market is growing by about 5% per year. The market volume of amorphous silicon dioxide was more than $900M in 2011, and is expected to increase to $1.5B by 2020.

We consider the possibility of strategists involvement such as international chemical companies, - Sergey Pisarenko says.

We decided to invest in this project last year due to the prospects that it opens for the development of chemical industry. The technology is designed to meet green standards, so the company has a chance to take a prominent place in the global market, - Alexey Teleshev, the director of SIF RVC said.