Special Center for patenting in Skolkovo

Special Center for patenting in SkolkovoSpecial center for patenting may appear on the basis of the innovation center Skolkovo. The center will help to protect the interests of small and medium-sized businesses, including assisting in registration of Russian patents abroad. Appropriate instruction to the Government has been made by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on August, 17 during a visit to a factory for vegetable oil and biofuels production in Rostov-on-Don.

At the event, the Prime spoke with a representative of a company that develops special farming machines with low pressure tires which does not damage the soil and plants in contrast to the traditional tires. According to the commercial director of the firm Sergei Brindyuk they have to use the services of intermediaries when filing patents abroad and to pay a lot of money.

Answering the question of Brindyuka about whether it is possible to create a special single point of such services in Russia, Medvedev said that without patenting abroad Russian companies will never be able to profit from their inventions. It's the right thing. We can create a center for patenting based on Skolkovo, I guess - the prime minister said.

Medvedev noted that the subject of patents is rather difficult, but without solving this issue it is impossible to protect our interests on the world market. Small and medium business should have the access to a single service, the use of which will reduce the costs of entrepreneurs who want to protect their developments not only on the basis of Russian patent legislation, but with foreign patents too.

We could have such center, I think. It could be created on the basis of Skolkovo - the Prime Minister said.