Dubna SEZ accepted new residents

Dubna SEZ accepted new residentsBusiness plans of two more companies applying for Dubna SEZ residency have received the approval of the Expert Council for technical and innovative special economic zones under the Russian Economic Development Ministry. The meeting was held on 18 July 2012.

Expert Council support was received by such companies as:

1. Econext. Energy-saving technologies LLC. The project involves the creation of illuminating equipment and LED modules based on their own production of ultra-pure materials (sapphire).

2. TEHNOFOM-Dubna Research and Production Enterprise LLC. The company will design new experimental-industrial technology and create Tehfom high-efficiency thermal and acoustic insulation products of new generation under industrial conditions.

Three more resident companies Frerus LLC, WELT Research and Production Center LLC and Extrusion Machines LLC presented their business plans to the Expert Council for making changes to existing agreements on technical and innovative activities. For example, Frerus project changes include the increase - by 2000 sq. m. the area of the construction object, from 1, 85 to 2.7 ha of leased land and the term of its lease from 3 to 10 years. WELT SPC in the new version of the business plan envisages increasing the range of medicines developed and implemented in the SEZ and starting mass production of disinfectants, veterinary drugs and skin antiseptics. The Extrusion Machines company along with the rental stated the construction of its own engineering and production complex in Dubna SEZ with the total area of 3156 sq. m. and instead of the previously stated 2.4 M RUR of project investment - 199, 56 M RUR. All the changes are approved by the Expert Council and will be incorporated into additional agreements to the existing ones.

Econext. Energy-saving technologies and TEHNOFOM-Dubna Research and Production Enterprise will receive Dubna SEZ resident status after concluding the agreements on technical and innovative activity. Thus, the total number of Dubna special economic zone residents will comprise 84 members.