Arkady Moreinis offers startups his personal training

Arkady Moreinis offers startups his personal trainingArkady Moreinis, an entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of Glavstart accelerator offers young startups to get his personal incubation. As it was written by Moreinis today in his Facebook page, one of the goals of this event is to teach people the art of the entrepreneurial process directly at real work, which means training and testing simultaneously.

The prerequisite for such proposal, in the words of Moreinis, is poor training of most startups’ founders who lack of experience and mental outlook which comes with time and allows you to determine what actions to perform and what you should pay special attention at.

And the main question: would one of start-uppers go to work with me, putting off all their ideas at least for a year? – Moreinis asks. – The work is hard, you need to do a lot of things and get little money.

As noted by the head of Glavstart, a candidate to personal Moreinis accelerator is a person who considers himself as a founder of a business, who can do everything: from the rough work to strategic thinking of future development. This work assumes full employment.
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