Innovation Leader fund invests in the development of chemical technologies

Innovation Leader fund invests in the development of chemical technologiesCJSC Leader, that manages closed-end mutual funds of Innovation Leader venture investments, established with the participation of JSC RVC’s capital, invests in LLC NUKEM Technologies. The details of the transaction and the amount of investment were not disclosed.

NUKEM Technologies, established by Ltd. STC New chemistry in May 2012, will focus on the sale of licenses for its resource saving chemical technologies based on NewChem method.

The partners will invest more than 100M RUR in the share capital of LLC NUKEM Technologies, - said the General Director of NUKEM Technologies Sultan Khamizov.
One of the prerequisites for the development of such technologies is the need for reducing the cost of the main raw material for aluminum which is metallurgical alumina. Despite the fact that Russia has huge reserves of nepheline, it is not used because of the lack of effective industrial technology of its processing. The use of the new technology will make it possible to use cheaper nepheline as the raw material.

It is one of the main areas of venture investment for the management company Leader. We invest in innovative industrial technologies that will improve the efficiency of Russian industrial companies - the director of venture investment projects and programs of MC Leader Konstantin Nadenenko says.

Yan Ryazantsev, the director of investment department, a member of the Board of JSC RVC says that the chemical industry is potentially one of the most high-tech industries with high rates of technology upgrades. And it is necessary to establish the transferring of promising scientific developments in production technology for its further development, to motivate entrepreneurs to create innovative businesses in this industry.