Bering Technologies Fund invests in 25 startups

Bering Technologies Fund invests in 25 startupsAlexey Pelevin, “” and Anywayanyday founder, sells his shares in 25 startups created by his company Parcsis. The buyer is Bering Technologies Fund (BTF), which has begun investing in high-tech projects this year.

In exchange BTF will get 25% of startups’ shares, and the key employees of Parcsis will receive options, the total of which will equal 10% of the projects valuation.

Bering Technologies Fund was established in 2007 by a few Russian individual investors, Pelevin being one of them. At first the fund was just trading stocks of high-tech companies using its managing company Bering Capital Partners. But lately its priorities have changed: BTF got interested in venture investments.

Parcsis is known by such projects as “”, Anywayanyday and recently launched Selloby, a website and mobile application for buying, selling, renting, job and personal postings.