American Emerson to invest $40M in smart production in Chelyabinsk

American Emerson to invest $40M in smart production in ChelyabinskAmerican company Emerson announced a few days ago its intention to invest $40M in building of a new office and manufacturing facility in Chelyabinsk. The U.S. company will produce sophisticated measuring devices in Chelyabinsk, including wireless sensors for the nuclear industry, process automation systems and other smart equipment.

Emerson is a global leader in bringing together technology and engineering; it provides innovative solutions for customers through various business platforms that specialize in power, process management, industrial automation, climate technologies, and tooling. One of Emerson’s businesses is Emerson Process Management which provides solutions for automation of manufacturing processes for various industries. The company develops and manufactures innovative products and technologies, providing advice and designing services, manages project and provides maintenance for maximum efficiency of the enterprise.

The new office and manufacturing facility in Chelyabinsk, with more than 1K employees, will initially host the following businesses of Emerson Process Management: the production of measuring instruments - pressure, temperature, level, consumption, including wireless and for the nuclear industry; the solutions for metrological support of client enterprises; the production of valves and control equipment; engineering of process automation systems.

The president and Chief Operating Officer of Emerson Edward Monser says that Russia is an important market for Emerson technologies and services, and we see the potential to expand our presence in the region in the future. This investment demonstrates our concern for our customers and employees in Chelyabinsk region in long term perspective.

The new office and production facility will start operation in 2015.