Accepting applications for NSU School of Custom Innovations

Accepting applications for NSU School of Custom InnovationsThe Center for Innovative Development of Novosibirsk State University conducts the second School of Custom Innovations from October, 22 to November 4, linking the need of the economy in fresh innovative ideas with the creativity of students, NSU and other universities' graduates. The purpose of the School is to form sustained interest of modern creative youth in the innovative economy that provides a variety of application possibilities for their theoretical knowledge for the benefit of society.

The task of the School is to teach young people to think innovatively, to show the range of possibilities of science application for the benefit of society. The mechanism of the Schools is a staged demonstration of approaches to problems solving, competitive learning and finding the best solutions.

The school offers solutions for current and future challenges of the customer - a company, university or even a ministry.

Anyone can participate in the School, but the school has a certain focus group - students, postgraduates and young graduates of NSU and other universities under the age of 25.

The authors of best solutions will receive cash prizes: 100K RUR for the first place, 75K RUR for the second and 50K RUR for the third place.

The School participants' solutions will be judged by well-known representatives of science, education and innovation business from RAS, Novosibirsk State University and the Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.