Mr.Medvedev got acquainted with developments of the Fund Skolkovo

Mr.Medvedev got acquainted with developments of the Fund SkolkovoStudents and graduates of the Moscow Management School Skolkovo presented their developments to the prime-minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. After the meeting of Supervisory board and Coordination Council of the Moscow School, the Government Head has been shown a range of unique developments, authors of which are studying or recently graduates of the business school Skolkovo.

At the beginning, Mr.Medvedev came to a display, image at which is projected not to a monitor, but a special air flow. Herewith pictures are possible to be reduced, increased, listed and moved. Trying out these operations, he said that “feels like in one of fantastic films”.

Then there has been presented the project on development of algorithms of computer vision and intellectual systems, thanks to which it is possible to automatically recognize faces, automobile numbers, and also provide robots` self-navigation. Mr.Medvedev has been told that this technology will allow, for example, revealing swindlers in banks.

Graduate of the business school Vladimir Kovalsky said to Mr.Medvedev about “cloud” clinical-oriented information system “Medesk”. He demonstrated opportunities of this Internet-resource, whi help of which it is possible to set up sms-messages of patients, organize remote methods of research on functional and radiodiagnosis, and many others.

One of the presented to Mr.Medvedev projects was the system “Life button”, which represents a device, similar to a telephone, but intended for old people. From the outer side of the device is a bif red button for emergency call out. Manufacturers have assured Mr.Medvedev that this device has already saved many lives. “This is a noble project, wish you good luck”, - said Head of the Government.