“Rosnano” got up the Moscow Stock Exchange to NASDAQ

“Rosnano” got up the Moscow Stock Exchange to NASDAQIn order to attract West investors in high-tech Russian companies, “Rosnano” plans to use not only opportunities of the Moscow Stock Exchange, but also search for exits for NASDAQ. The first step in this direction has already been made: the Russian and American fields have executed an agreement on cooperation.

“Rosnano” can during the near year sell stocks of several companies, in which invested initially at the Moscow Stock Exchange, and in the perspective at the American NASDAQ. According to newspaper “Kommersant”, the Chairman of the “Rosnano” Board of Directors Anatoly Chubais has even met with the executive director of NASDAQ OMX Group Inc. Bob Greyfield on this subject.

For the purposes of papers circulation of high-tech companies of small and medium capitalization at the Moscow Stock Exchange, the “Rosnano” has established the sector “Innovations and Investments Market” (IIM). According to information, published at the Exchange site, in this sector are circulated securities of 29 emitters (including stocks of 26 emitters), and equity units of 9 unit investment funds. Papers liquidity, circulating at IIM, differs from one emitter to another. Deals with some securities are executed not every day; yesterday there have been executed no deals with 11 emitters’ stocks.

Herewith in “Rosnano” they feel responsibility for development of not only own affiliated companies, but during the whole industry, and for attraction of investors they plan to use opportunities of various Stock Exchange fields. “We need to attract investors – both Russian and Western”, - says “Rosnano”.

At the NASDAQ they are eager to assist with the realization of these plans. “We have experience of cooperation with such companies, as “STS Media”, “Yandex” and “Qiwi”, we are eager to take part in other Russian innovation companies’ development”, - stated executive vice-president and the Chief of the international listing of NASDAQ OMX Group Inc. Bruce Aust Greyfield.