Russia to allocate 5 B RUR on state support for the innovation clusters

Russia to allocate 5 B RUR on state support for the innovation clustersAs reported by Oleg Fomichev, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, at the Russia's regions Institutes of modernization forum today, state will allocate 5 B RUR in pilot mode to support 5-7 innovative clusters. First of all, Ministry of Economic Development will select innovative biotech clusters.

The main criteria for selection of such projects will be their industrial and scientific potential, as well as their perspectives, the volume of innovation products manufactured and synergetic effect. The agency intends to provide support not only for large-scale industrial clusters, it also aims at supporting innovation in general.

Businesses, educational institutions, scientific and other should be close to each other, they should interact. We will look if there is a coalition structure in this cluster, joint projects, - adds Fomichev.

Selected projects will receive state support not only in financial terms, the agency has other instruments: investment and target programs, support through state-owned companies and natural monopolies. The financial regime is pre-approved by the government commission, but everything to do with the money, certainly can not be predicted, - said Fomichev.

It is not clear when the support pilot mode is over so far, it will be determined by the results of work.