Yuzhnyy Ural innovators to receive state support of 60 M RUR

Yuzhnyy Ural innovators to receive state support of 60 M RURThis was reported by Minister of Economic Development of the Chelyabinsk region, Elena Murzina today at a meeting of the Legislative Assembly Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship, held at Innovator Technopark.

Minister Elena Murzina submitted to the committee members a report on the Stimulation of Innovation in the Chelyabinsk Region regional law implementation. According to her, innovators got the support of 30 M RUR from the regional budget in 2011, and the same amount has been attracted from the federal treasury. In addition, the regional government has conducted extensive work on the use of extra-budgetary sources. Thus, 10 M RUR was received from the Bortnik fund and 25 M RUR from Skolkovo.

This year, the regional budget support totaled 20 M RUR, but we intend to attract more money - not less than 40 M RUR - participating in various federal programs - Elena Murzina said. She also noted that the Chelyabinsk Region closed cities’ developments - Ozersk and Snezhinsk - arouse the greatest investors’ interest.

The nuclear cluster that is formed on the basis of Skolkovo will be largely based on the Yuzhnyy Ural innovations. It is about medicine, the methods of sterilization. This is what is called the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes - explained the Minister.

Following the meeting, members of the Legislative Assembly and representatives of the executive authorities toured the Technopark. The Innovator is located on the territory of the Device plant in Chelyabinsk. The director of the Technopark Boris Lis reported that two stages of a platform for innovators creation have been implemented. The future plans are reconstruction of existing plant’s facilities for offices and resident companies meeting rooms, the press service of the regional government reports.