Development Center Entensys located at the Technopark of Akademgorodok

Development Center Entensys located at the Technopark of AkademgorodokEntensys Company, a developer of software solutions in information and Internet security, announced its head office removal to the Technopark of Akademgorodok.

For over 11 years Entensys’s professionals use leading technologies. The company's desire to meet users' needs has led to a rapid expansion of Entensys’s product line from one to seven solutions (UserGate Proxy & Firewall, AquaUserGate, UserGate Mail Server, GateWall DNS Filter, GateWall DNS Filter Cloud, GateWall Mail Security, KinderGate Parental Control). Cloud algorithms for protection against spam and viruses, providing Internet filtering as a service, compliance with leader product requirements FL-152 Personal Data, are hosted at the Technopark - the developer continues to go with the times.

Infrastructure of the Academpark will not only create the best conditions for the development of the center and further development of our organization, but also enable the exchange of experience among residents - says Dmitry Kurashev, the director of Entensys. – The Technopark is a unique platform for companies involved in the creation of high-tech products. I am confident that the move to Academpark is a significant event not only for Entensys, but for those organizations that will become our neighbors soon.

It should be noted that the relocation of Entensys’ office will not lead to malfunction of its services, corporate website or software solutions.

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