VKontakte launches a contest to develop a client for Windows Phone

VKontakte launches a contest to develop a client for Windows PhoneA competition to develop Russia's largest social network Vkontakte messenger for Windows Phone platform takes place from August 1 to September 15, 2012. The prize fund is 2 M RUR which will be distributed among the winners.

Representatives of the social networks have drawn all the main screens and interface elements to create a messenger for smartphones based on Windows Phone using VKontakte platform. Contestants will have to use created images in their applications.

It is important to accurately reproduce the proposed aesthetics and to achieve high-speed applications’ performance: the initial load, the opening of the dialogue, sending messages and attachments, smooth and well thought animations - social network’s report says. - Deviations from the proposed design and functionality are not allowed. Unstable and pending applications will not be admitted to participate in the competition.

The application must be compatible with all popular devices based on Windows Phone OS since version 7.1. An additional requirement for the job is the presence of Russian and English versions of the interface.

The developer may choose any name for the application. The application should be self-sufficient even for users unfamiliar with VKontakte.

We plan to make the process of judging the most transparent with open discussion of each application in the official group of the competition - the representatives of the social network promise.

More information is available in a specially created .