TUSUR to take part in the publication of International Innovation Journal

TUSUR to take part in the publication of International Innovation Journal  August, 10 in Bandung (Indonesia) the Vice-Rector of TUSUR Alexander Uvarov signed an agreement on the establishment of a magazine in conjunction with the International Association for the triple helix, Tomsk University says.

It will be Russia's first magazine in translation devoted to the development of innovation systems and innovation policy worldwide. TUSUR will publish and promote the journal among universities, public authorities and businesses to develop innovative community in Russia, - Alexander Uvarov said.

The journal aims to promote the triple helix model in Russia which is applied in the global innovation policy, as well as to spread successful international and Russian experience in the creation and development of the entrepreneurial university.

The agreement was signed within the X International Conference on the model of triple helix innovative development which took place from August 8 to 10 in Bandung (Indonesia). The conference’s theme is The use of the triple helix model in developing countries: from concept to implementation.

The conference was attended by ministers and deputy ministers of Association of South East Asian Nations innovative development (ASEAN).

The Conference of the International Association of the triple helix involves representatives from universities, business and government for the development of cooperation in order to build an innovative economy. Conference participants - scientists, thinkers and practitioners from around the world - present the results of their work in the development and application of the triple helix model, exchange experience and establish business contacts for joint studies and projects.