NAIRIT black list of innovators expanded over the past year

NAIRIT black list of innovators expanded over the past yearA list of black innovators for 2011-2012 year from the National Association of Innovation and Development of Information Technology (NAIRIT) has expanded by almost a half over the last year. Legal organizations appeared in the list for the first time.

The list of black innovators from NAIRIT includes a group of individuals (and legal) entities that are involved in competitions of innovative projects only for personal gain without any intention to conduct any creative activities.

Recall that the action plan of so called black innovators is to file a legally well-written proposal for a grant to develop a promising innovative project in one of the institutions to support innovation. They do nothing after receiving a grant or send a formal report on the implementation of their project. Then the black innovators submit the same application for the next competition in any other development institution.

At the moment, the list includes fifteen names and two organizations. As before, NAIRIT does not intend to submit this list to the open publication because, as the president of NAIRIT Olga Uskova said, it does not want to blacken the reputation of well-known and respected academic institutions and other organizations that employ these pseudo innovators.

It should be noted that this phenomenon is not unique to Russia. Thus, the share of black projects in the total number of start-ups the U.S. is not much lower than in Russia.