Mail.Ru Group is testing its own internet browser

Mail.Ru Group is testing its own internet browserMail.Ru Group launches an alpha version of Amigo browser, which is integrated with popular social networks.

Amigo includes usual browser windows and some extra space to display information of connected social networks such as friends’ news. The new browser offers you internet surfing and to be always aware of what is happening with your friends.

This is achieved through a special bar that allows access to popular social networks: Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, My World and Facebook. The browser will also inform you about new letters that came to your mailbox on Mail.Ru.

While browsing the web, Amigo’s users will be able to view their contact lists, see who is online and communicate with them without leaving Web browsing and switching tabs. Amigo also has a build-in player that lets you listen to music available in social networks, search right tracks and make playlists.