Startup Afisha considers Firrma project as its closest competitor

Startup Afisha considers Firrma project as its closest competitorBlack Ocean has invested $3M in Startup Afisha project. The money will be used to create the database of Russian startups, which will help local companies to raise funds from foreign investors. One of its closest competitors is Firrma portal (originally it was TeraFirrma).

This was reported by Alena Popova, a co-founder of Startup Afisha, in an interview with Firrma. In fact, our nearest competitor is Firrma. This project has the most similar methodology on the market, Alena says. - We are a combination of AngelList, CrunchBase and TechCrunch in the Russian market.

Recall that it was recently reported about investments in Startup Afisha from International Technological Holding Black Ocean, which invests about $3M in the project under the co-investment with several Western venture funds. As a result, Startup Afisha has considerably changed, becoming an information bridge between Russian startups and foreign investors.

In addition, the international version of the project, RusBase, will also be created and it is what most of the investment will be spent on, Alena Popova says. We have launched a partner program for the funds. We believe that the best thing to enter startups’ market is to make funds open the databases of projects they have invested in. According to the founder of the service, the funds will profit by opening this database, since Western funds, being aware of what Russian funds invest in, will have a better idea of our market, which can be very useful for future joint investments.

TeraFirrma was created as a resource for posting useful and interesting information for young entrepreneurs. The portal was founded by Dmitry Falalaev, former director for the development of Digital October center, who also worked in Harvard Business Review Russia journal.