RVCA - 15 years of success

RVCA - 15 years of successRVCA celebrated its 15th anniversary in the last days of October. The association summed up the work, held a series of discussions with representatives of the European Economic Commission of the United Nations, EVCA, RVC, Rusnano.

Jose Palacin, the head of the department on innovation policy of the UN European Economic Commission, economic cooperation and integration (UNECE) said that the Commission supports mutually beneficial relationship of long-standing with RVCA: Our cooperation is not limited to Russia, we will use the experience of the Association in our activities in the CIS.

The head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais said that RVCA deserves a reward, namely the Order of Courage for its services: The history of RVCA began long before 1997 when it was officially launched. The Association stood up in hard times, and now it is at the edge of changes.

Malcolm Parry, the chairman of the UK Science Park Association said about the UK experience of innovation development: In 1997, our government required universities to participate more actively in the economy. At first, the scientists were unhappy because of the extra load, and now we have well-developed innovation infrastructure, and the universities are subsidized. And we continue to conduct this policy today.

RVCA - 15 years of success

Charles Wessner from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences called on the Russian government to spend money more efficiently.

The Chairman of Canford Group PLC (UK) Hugh Morgan Williams noted that striving for innovation is the need: I would paraphrase one of the Commandments – a man cannot live without dreams, as well as a company cannot exist without innovations.