Rusnano to prepare its transformation strategy within a month

Rusnano to prepare its transformation strategy within a monthRusnano will prepare a strategy to transform the company within a month. The strategy, in particular, will determine the order and time-frame of the company’s 10% stake sale.

The preparation of the strategy is at its final stage. It will be presented to the board of directors within a month. It will describe not only the timing of the 10% stake sale, but also the transformation of the company in general. We have specific suggestions, but we would not discuss them now since the decision has not been made yet, - the head of the nanotechnology Corporation Anatoly Chubais said at the innovation forum in Tomsk.

Chubais announced the plans to close the deal on offering 10% of the company’s shares to private investors in April. According to him, potential buyers are two or more international or Russian investors. On our side, we are fully prepared to carry out the Government’s decision to sell a 10% stake of the company - Chubais said.