Founder of “Habrahabr” Denis Kryuchkov has bought out service from

Founder of “Habrahabr” Denis Kryuchkov has bought out service from Large site on IT-subject “Habrahabr” has purchased from its founder Denis Kryuchkov on funds, borrowed by the Company “Yandex”, which it has loaned in purpose of IT-ecosystem development, informed the Company to

As initially has been written by the site, founder of “Habrahabr” Denis Kryuchkov has bought out from a share of the Company “Thenatic Media”, which owns a resource Shares of have been bought out on loan funds, which Yandex provided to Mr.Kryuchkov.

“This is not an investment in a traditional sense of this word. But it is possible to name it as investment into ecosystem, development of which we actively try to contribute, from which new projects and new workers for IT-companies appear. is a unique event, nowhere in the world there is any similar of importance resources for IT-experts”, - commented to the site in the press-office of Yandex.

A deal on share sales has been ended at the end of August, 2013. Now Mr.Kryuchkov owns all voting shares of the “Thematic shares”.

“The concept of the company development will not change, but its name can be changed into “Tech Media”, or for short TM. Initially we have focused on development in various niches; nowadays we pay attention to services for IT-experts. As before, we will carefully consider questions about monetization, and will look forward to make friendly products toward users”, - said Mr.Kryuchkov.

The project “Habrahabr” is a social media about IT, founded in 2006. Publisher of the project is the company “Thematic Media”.