Companies-residents of the Novosibirsk technopark have earned 2,922B RUB

Companies-residents of the Novosibirsk technopark have earned 2,922B RUBGrowth of manufacturing capacity of companies-residents of the Novosibirsk technopark have 10 times increased growth of industry of the Novosibirsk region. Average productivity of one resident is about 1,5M RUB.

In 2012 industry of the region grew up 9%, and manufacturing capacity of companies, located on territories of technopark – up to 97%. Herewith a small group of these companies could increase its annual production capacity four times. The ministry of science and innovation policy of the region Vladimir Nikonov has informed about this on the committee meeting of transport of Novosibirsk.

Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Yurchenko has estimated earnings of companies of the technopark during 2012 as 12-13B RUB. Vladimir Nikonov explained that the sum has comprised from earnings of all the companies, which somehow refer to the technopark, for example those, whose workers have taken part in the Summer School.

Nowadays average productivity of one resident of the technopark is about 1,5M RUB per year, whereas average gross regional product per one worker in the region is 400 thousands per year.

“Productivity of these companies is approximately 3 times higher”, - concluded Vladimir Nikonov.

Total earning of the technopark residents – that is companies, which are based on its territory, - during last year comprised 2,992B RUB, and amount of working places in technopark increased up to 1942, the minister informed to delegates.