The Nanocenter “Dubna” participates in establishment of the Cosmeceutical bui

The Nanocenter “Dubna” participates in establishment of the Cosmeceutical buiNanocenter “Dubna”, cosmeceutical business-incubator “Svoboda” and the Lomonosov Moscow State University have announced about establishment of joint Cosmeceutical business-incubator. It is planned that till the end of the year such business-incubator will open its doors on the territory of the “Svoboda” factory, and will gather first Startups.

Cosmeceutical business-incubator, the aim of which is a practical implementation of new developments in cosmetic products, issued by the fabric “Svoboda” and creation of absolutely new products with unique consumers’ features not only of cosmetic, but also cosmeceutical features. According the idea of organizers, the business-incubator will first of all become the communication field for scientists, aspirants, technologists, manufacturers and entrepreneurs, who will be able to test their ideas, issuing small series of new products.

We hope, that thanks to the incubator we will manage not only to get acquainted our scientists, spirants and students with the technology of creams, pastas and shampoos production, but also give them knowledge of technological chain of cosmetic products creation directly at the production. My experience says that it is very difficult to find application to their developments in separation from the real life – this is a unique chance to fins a place to their idea in real life”, - noted Aleksey Khokhlov, pro-rector of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The fabric “Svoboda” this year celebrates its 170th anniversary, and I believe that constant development of the enterprise in future is impossible without use of global scientific openings in the sphere of cosmetics. We have our own Scientific Center, unifying seven specialized laboratories, which makes development and implementation in production of new cosmetic goods. We have our own infrastructure for workers of the incubator could try out their ideas, and we are open to such cooperation. I believe that grew up in the new incubator scientific ideas and inventions will help not only to “Svoboda”, but also to other domestic cosmetic manufacturers to become more competitive on the global market”, - said Yevgeny Panteleev, director general of the Cosmetic association “Svoboda”.

Nowadays Scientific Center “Svoboda”, and a newly created incubator lead developments in the sphere of a unique technology on tooth and dental stripes remineralization and whitening of a new age for dental prosthesis fixation, and also skin-care product with silver and gold particles on water and spirituous basis, creams, pastas, shampoos, balsams and gels with water-retaining antistatic and antibacterial properties and other cosmetic products.

“One of our main key tasks we consider implementation of developments from our chemists, biologists, pharmaceutists and other scientists in cooperation with industrial manufacturers. We believe, that segment of knowledge-driven entrepreneurism in the sphere of cosmetic will only increase, and in our plans we have a launch of 15-20 new companies on the basis of created in a “Svoboda” business-incubator in the near 2 years” – underlined Aleksey Gostomelsky, director general of the “Dubna” nanocenter.