ASI supports a project on sugar substitutes that costs 100M EUR

ASI supports a project on sugar substitutes that costs 100M EURAn investment project, which costs about a hundred million euros or 3.7 B RUR and develops industrial production of sugar substitutes in the form of glucose-fructose syrups, can be implemented in Chelyabinsk region. The project is developed by UGgrup Company (Moscow) and has received the approval of the Expert Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Several potential sites for the construction of the innovative enterprise were offered to the authors of the project, according to the Agency for Regional Development of Chelyabinsk region. We consider the sites in several regions. Today we can say that Chelyabinsk region offers good conditions, so it might be preferred, - D.Parahnevich said, the deputy project manager for technical matters.

We have already visited the region and discussed the possibility of the project with the Vice-Governor Ivan Feklin. An agreement with the Agency for Regional Development of Chelyabinsk region has also been signed, - the representative of UGgrup said.

APP has signed an agreement with UGgrup Company on maintenance of the innovative project. Investors’ greatest interest was the site of the industrial park in Malaya Sosnovka. The company plans to select the site by the beginning of next year. The specialists will be able to implement the project in the second half of 2013 after the creation of all necessary conditions.

The main products of the plant will be dietary sweeteners - glucose and fruit, maltose syrups and molasses. Wheat of low quality that is of little demand in the food industry will be used to produce them. The company is able to process up to 100K tons of feed wheat a year, which is planned to be bought from local producers.