Cisco Systems creates a Fund for technological innovations

Cisco Systems creates a Fund for technological innovationsCisco Company, a global developer of network equipment, announces the establishment of its own Fund for technological innovation, designed to develop innovative ideas that have not yet come to the attention of specialists, but have the potential to generate new solutions and products. As David McCulloch, the Corporate Communications director of Cisco Systems writes in his Cisco blog, the main task of the new structure is to help professionals in innovative development.

We are investing heavily in the improvement of the platforms, protocols and devices that our customers are familiar with and trust - McCulloch says. - At the same time, we are constantly seeking radically new ideas that could radically change the existing markets or create new markets with high quality, convenient and cheaper methods of solving problems.

According to him, the creation of new breakthrough technologies has always been at the heart of Cisco since 1984 when the company developed the world's first multi-protocol router. Since then and to this day, Cisco continues to make every effort to find new and better ways to solve network and communication problems.

It is known that the company has been spending a lot of money for scientific research up to this point, but, according to the senior vice president of Cisco Joel Bayona, who supervises the project of the Fund for technological innovation, the new structure will not only invest in products that can bring a quick income, but also in those services that will pay off for years. And it does not mean that such services should be out of our attention.