Startup contest Forbes-2012 is ready to accept applications

Startup contest Forbes-2012 is ready to accept applicationsAccepting applications for participation in the competition has been started: semi-finalists will be able to blog on website and tell about their business. Startups that have already passed the stage of running-in the idea: those who created a prototype or concluded a deal with a customer are invited to participate. Companies must be registered after the 1st of September, 2011.

Applications will be accepted until October 20, after that the jury, which includes well-known businessmen and experts, will determine 10 semifinalists. They will be blogging on website from November, 1 to June 1, telling about their startup, the challenges they faced, unexpected issues, what breakthroughs happened.

The following people have already confirmed their participation in the jury Andrei Romanenko (the founder of QIWI), Sergei Belousov (senior partner of venture fund Runa Capital, the founder of Parallels), Camille Kurmakaev and Maxim Faldin (the founders of Wikimart), Ruslan Alikhanov (partner of McKinsey & Company), Andrei Movchan (the founder of Third Rome), Pavel Teplukhin (the chairman of Forex Club). Each member of the jury will be a mentor to one of the projects during the contest. In addition, all readers of will be able to ask their questions to well-known businessmen during the competition.

Forbes held the first start-ups competition together with Google - Business Project 2010. All three prize-winners have significantly grown and attracted investment. Vizerra received €4M from a private equity fund Solway Investment Group, Ecwid - $1,5M from the Runa Capital Fund, service My Business - $4M from Klever Internet Investments Limited.

Startups competition Forbes 2011 was won by All yours project. Its founders are Vladimir Toporkov and Valentin Bolotenko and they invented a business model that allows to control the quality of rural products, making on their delivery to big cities and to scale the business to the whole country. The second place was awarded to the project Life Button - a system of medical alarm: 80% of elderly persons are unable to call for help when fallen on their back, a bracelet with an alarm button solves this problem. The third place went to a very fun Budist project: strangers, usually of the opposite sex, call those who ordered reveille.

Startup contest Forbes-2012 is ready to accept applications