The “Skolkovo” Fund Committee confirmed key directions of its development

The “Skolkovo” Fund Committee confirmed key directions of its developmentIn December, 13 in Hypercube has been conducted the meeting of the “Skolkovo” Fund Committee, at which have been confirmed the Fund budget for the period 2014-2016, key performance indicator for the “Skolkovo” team for the period up to 2018. Besides, the Committee has considered communication strategy and confirmed changes in structure of compensation policy of the organization. It has been solved a range of other important for development of the Fund, Innograd and the whole ecosystem of “Skolkovo” questions.

At the beginning of the meeting with introductory speech to members of the Committee addressed the President of the Fund “Skolkovo”, co-chairman of the Fund Committee Victor Vekselbarg and co-chairman of the Fund Committee Craig Barrett. In his speech Victor Vekselberg has told participants of the meeting about recently conducted meeting of the Supervisory Committee of the Fund, which worked under control of the Prime-Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and has been conducted with participation of a range of other key Ministers of the economy sector of the RF Government.

In his speech Viktor Vekselberg underlined that the outgoing year has been quite difficult for the “Skolkovo” Fund, organization requires significantly activate efforts on development of innovation ecosystem in the country. Need of changes, directed to increase of activity efficiency, influenced solutions, which have been taken by the Committee, particularly, on questions of new approaches to the system of labor stimulation, key indexes of activity efficiency of the whole organization, development of building direction and others.

One of the questions, which have been actively discussed by members of the Fund Committee, became a new communication strategy, offered for consideration to participants of the meeting by the vice-president of the Fund Aleksander Chernovoy. He remembered members of the Committee that at the previous meeting the Committee told their wish to intensify work in this direction, develop integrated communication concept, strategy of information and advertising activity, which would meet the highest global standards from one side, and would show specific of the Fund activity, where ultimately in the focus of communication efforts should be innovators, Startupers, scientists and students of the Skoltech, participants of the ecosystem “Skolkovo”.

“People, but not only infrastructure and figure indexes”, - underlined Aleksander Chernov, characterizing the core of a new concept.

New marks make need in achieving the significant increase of communications efficiency indexes, including in Internet sphere. Thus, particularly, attendance of the “Skolkovo” site, amount of time, which its readers conduct in it, should be doubled. Significant intensification will touch the other aspects of information-advertising activity and work for communication connections. Interesting solution in this connection can become co-branding programs with the key partners of the Fund, said vice-president. Some graphic and conceptual elements of the future concept have been demonstrated by members of the Fund Committee, who decided to take active part in its further collaboration.

A range of foreign members of the Committee, for example, Eric Shmidt (Google), John Chambers (Cisco Systems) have taken part at the meeting remotely, participating in discussion of questions from California, with the help of modern video- conference equipment (the system “tele presence”), installed in Hypercube by one of the key partners of the “Skolkovo” Fund.