RVC awards the PRESSZVANIE winners

RVC awards the PRESSZVANIE winners The awarding ceremony of the annual International business journalism Competition, PRESSZVANIE took place on April 20, 2012 in the Great Hall of the RIA Novosti International Center. the event was held in a mirror press conference format: it is the competition for all types of media, which is held to promote the professional activities of journalists covering the economic and business processes in Russia and CIS countries.

Dmitri Denisov, Business Journal chief editor, won most of the prizes – journalists of the edition were twice named the winners.

More than 8 M articles edited in 2011 has been viewed by the Public.ru online media library analytical group, for a three-stage selection - partners, experts, members of the jury - to result in selecting a few dozens of the best publications on the various branches of national economy. Not only Russian journalists but also their foreign counterparts will be included. The method eliminates the bias of the competition - articles are sent for evaluation without indicating the author and publication. The publications are ranked exceptionally by the quality of content.

PRESSZVANIE business community laureates are:
Agroprom nomination. The subject of monitoring is State support agro industrial complex.
The winner is Lydia Masterenko with The results of the year: the price of agricultural expenditure (Interfax);

Nuclear Energy nomination. The subject of monitoring is world nuclear power industry after the Fukushima accident.
The winners are Vladimir Stepanov, Elizabeth Kuznetsov with The exploded reactor effect (Kommersant);

Innovations nomination. The subject of monitoring is the market venture capital and innovation.
The winner is Dmitri Denisov with The admission for outsiders, The script for the biotech (Business Journal);

Small Business nomination winner is Natalie Tyutyunenko with We must do something (Business Journal);

Microelectronics nomination winner is Elena Pokataeva with Better more, but smaller, Acceptance of goods (Results);

Nanotechnology nomination winner is Alexander Evdokimov with What do we want from RUSNANO? (Continent Siberia);

Consumer markets - Goods for children nomination winner is Yulia Nazarenko with Swing of our anxiety (Soviet Siberia);

Russia and the WTO Nomination winner is Alexei Mikhailov with Never need a full purse and have WTO friends (Gazeta.ru)

Fuel and energy complex nomination. The subject of monitoring is modernization of the processing industry.
The winner is Andrew Vinkov with The past keeps his feet (Expert);

We are delighted to have the large Expert Council this year and its active work. It is pleasant to witness the debate, when the competence of the authors and their impact on an entire sector of the economy is being discussed. It shows good professional level of journalists and responsibility they take towards everything that is happening - said Nadezhda Yavdolyuk, the executive director of the International business journalism Competition PRESSZVANIE.

RVC’s participation in the competition helped identify the journalists writing about innovation and high-tech business, professionally and interesting. Selected articles and projects demonstrate that they have great potential for deep analytics and new formats of information presentation, - said Ilya Kurmyshev, a member of the jury, the head of the venture capital and innovation activities promotion of the OJSC RVC Department to promote innovation and social programs.

International Business Journalism Competition (business circles award) PRESSZVANIE has been held since 2005. During this time over 2000 authors of the best publications of federal, regional and sectoral media took part in the competition.

The distinctive feature of the project is monitoring thousands of general political, business, mass and specialized media, and publications assessment methodology: while the experts work the author's name and the name of the media are encrypted. The aim of the competition is supporting, expressing the gratitude to the authors of publications that seek objective, detailed coverage of the events of the economy, analyze trends, study the issues, highlight achievements, creating conditions for effective international cooperation.