First Startup Sabantuy took place in Izhevsk

First Startup Sabantuy took place in IzhevskStartup Sabantuy!, a new interregional project of Kazan IT Park and the Runa Capital venture fund took place in Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurtskaya Respublika in May 11-12.The project focuses on the selection of potentially interesting startups for their future promotion in the venture capital market.

The first, theoretical day of the event, was held at the oldest and largest university of Udmurtia - Udmurtia State University, where lots of people met willing to listen to a lecture of Ramil Ibragimov, the deputy director of the Kazan IT Park. Students, graduate students and teachers learned why information technology is inseparable from modernity and especially from our future, what a startup is and how to create your own success story, overcoming the gap between idea and business.

The second day of the Sabantuy was held in the conference hall of Hotel Park inn of Izhevsk.

Sabantui Startup participants held five-minute projects presentations and answered experts’ questions. After that projects got 6 hours for a face-to-face communication with experts and presentations refining.

Sabantuy! Startup experts in Izhevsk were the team of the IT park: Deputy Director of the IT park Ramil Ibragimov and Business Incubator project managers Renat Zakiev and Vasil Zakiev, and also representatives of major Izhevsk IT companies: Grigori Kogan (Director of the Picom company), Dmitry Pletnev (Commercial Director of the Center for Innovative Technology) and Maxim Kopysov (the head of Business Technology).

The Expert Council chose the winner - the Cloud System project, which allows several corporate LAN ordinary computers to be integrated in a powerful supercomputer, using the latest cloud computing, which allows you effectively solve problems that require great computing power.

The experts noted another interesting project - Electronic personal trainer. At Sabantuy, on the recommendation of experts, the project changed its work model, reorienting from gadgets to mobile applications. This allowed the project to eliminate a number of significant risks and gave a chance to get a working product in the near future.

Overall, Sabantuy team evaluates the first event as a successful one. There were strong projects and projects that need improvement. Gregory Cohen, Picom company director, also noted that the importance of the event is that it gives an impulse to start a movement that needs to be maintained and developed.

The next Sabantuy event will took place in Yoshkar-Ola city in May 16-17. All the details are at