Skolkovo to organize a series of informal meetings with innovators

Skolkovo to organize a series of informal meetings with innovatorsTechnopark Skolkovo and Skolkovo public organization Futurussia to launch a series of informal meetings - Technopark Digital.Evenings. This is a completely new format of activities for innovators audience involving informal communication, speech of striking speakers and presentations of the latest technologies.

Technopark Digital.Evenings will launch on Friday night in June, 15 on the 3rd floor of the teaching and laboratory building of MSTU named after Bauman. Innograd residents, students, young researchers, innovative entrepreneurs are invited to participate in this event, as well as all those who want not just a fun Friday night but also to benefit from it.

Tech House set Dj Greque to perform for you the whole evening, interactive presentations about the business art called Take it Easy will take place in the conference hall, and the bar, converted into a chemical laboratory, will provide a full range of soft drinks and snacks of all kinds to be in good mood.