SkolTech students started their studies

SkolTech students started their studies The first group of students from Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkolTech) began the studies, according to Skolkovo website. The academic year started in August with a special course on entrepreneurship, designed to immediately immerse students in innovation atmosphere which will become the feature of all their future training.

The President of SkolTech, Edward Crowley announced the launch of the first academic year and the opening of a seminar the program which was prepared by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation SkolTech jointly with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The main objective of this introductory course is to give an idea of commercialization technologies and research planning in consideration of the public interest.

The future of our university depends largely on you - Edward Crowley said addressing to the students. Today will go down in history and become a reference point on the exciting way of a university of the 21st century creation.

Students will take a course in innovation and entrepreneurship within 4 weeks, will be actively working in the laboratories, carry out experiments, computer modeling, discuss and find solutions to social problems.

In September, the students will begin training on a three-year Master program, the uniqueness of which is the integration of education, research and entrepreneurship.

The students will spend the first year in one of four world leading research institutions: Imperial College London (ICL), Swiss Technical High School in Zurich (ETHZ), Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This experience will give students a unique opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the institutions they trained in and use received information during further training in SkolTech.