Intel App Innovation Contest for developers started its work

Intel App Innovation Contest for developers started its workThere has been started an International Intel App Innovation Contest for developers of desktop applications for tabs and monoblock units on the basis of OS Windows 8. The prize fund of the contest is $100.000. The winners will be defined in two stages and will receive as a reward not only financial prizes, but also marketing support from Intel Corporation.

A variety of devices with supportive multi touch technologies is constantly widened, and new opportunities became available not only for owners of Smartphones and tabs, but also desktop PC. And if for mobile devices there are many useful and convenient applications that use in its control sensors and touch-gestures, in case of desktop platforms there is a start in some specified sense.

The Intel App Innovation Contest is called to attract attention of developers to this branch and give opportunity to all people to make sure in practice that on desktop applications it is possible to realize support of touch-gestures, sensors and a range of other functions, for example, Intel® Wireless Display. Perhaps namely one of created by developers applications will help users to bring oneself to do something new, changing an old desktop PC on a new monoblock unit with multitouch screen.

At the first stage of the contest, since July, 24 till September, 4, every registered participant of one of the four IT-associations -,, and – can give an idea of a desktop application for tabs and monoblock PCs on the basis of OS Windows 8 in of six categories:

Application idea description should obviously be presented in a language, main for the site society, via which a developer filed an application on participation: – Chinese, – Russian, and – English. Each participant can file an application only one time.

Developers from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Israel, Germany and United Kingdom cam file an application in Russian on the contest site in society

On the whole, to take part in the competition are invited developers from 20 countries: Australia, Belorussia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Spain, Canada (excluding Quebec), Kenya, China, Nigeria, Russia, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, RSA, South Korea and Japan.