Yandex can support three Startups-finalists of the Tolstoy Summer Camp

Yandex can support three Startups-finalists of the Tolstoy Summer CampThe Russian Internet-company Yandex is interested and can support three projects, which became finalists of summer workshop for developers Tolstoy Summer Camp, stated Chief of the program Ksenia Yolkina, summarizing the results of finalists` presentation.

12 projects became finalists, which have developed prototypes and presented it to investors. In the final teams demonstrated both web-services and mobile applications. Representatives of the Yandex stated that are eager to support three projects – application for voice replay of news from social networks Speaking Mind, a service for discount cards storage in a smartphone Fivecards, and application for display of additional content about football match games Football second screen.

Also several services for travelling organizing entered the number of finalists - for selection and purchase of tickets on airplanes, trains and buses, which offered investors 15% of the Company for 9M RUB, and Bustour for creation and booking of bus tours. The projects TaskCube for projects` management and CrowdTask for moderation of income content and redistribution of tasks, which wants to attract $20K, are focused on b2b sectors.

The service GiftAdviser offered to select gifts to friends on the basis of their publications and other activity in social network, and - organize immediate delivery of gifts and send congratulations on a mobile device. The project id focused on selection of personal programs for physical trainings and feeding, and also organizing of joint trainings with friends, and 3D-printus – on creation of consumer products by means of 3D-print.

Experts` attention also attracted a system for patients` selection for clinical research MediCard. The Company is intended to attract $50K for the service development. Besides, the service has also received invitation to take part in a famous program of education and investments for Startups at early stages of development SeedCamp.