A delegation from Korea visited Technopark Skolkovo

A delegation from Korea visited Technopark SkolkovoA representative delegation of the Government of the Republic of Korea led by the Minister of Strategy and Finance Bak Jae Wong visited Technopark Skolkovo yesterday.

The minister began his visit with the technology park residents; in particular, he visited the offices of Sputniks which deals with the development of technology of micro-satellites commercial use, as well as Geonodal Solutions which is developing a unique technology of bottom hydrocarbon exploration asea. The Korean delegation was also presented with 3D presentation of the technology park which was made by a resident of Skolkovo Vizerra dealing with volume rendering of complex development projects.

We in Korea are very impressed by achievements of Russian science in some areas, such as basic science, we think that we are far behind Russia, - the minister said. Bak Jae Won said that it is time to move from agreements of intent to action in terms of cooperation between Skolkovo and Korean companies, and first of all it is necessary to develop a detailed road map to do this.

We are interested in development of cooperation in the basic sciences, we also create a science park 140 kilometers away from Seoul, which will be focused just on basic research, and we invite Skolkovo to cooperate – Won said. The Minister of Strategy and Finance of Korea said in his closing remarks that science city Skolkovo made a very good impression on him and that he will share this positive opinion with the people of Korea.

Both sides expect concrete steps after the meeting - Alexey Beltiukov said, the senior vice president for development and commercialization of Skolkovo - we assigned some people on our part who will develop our action plan, and I hope that Korean companies will become our partners in Technopark soon.