Evernote launches a startup acceleration programme

Evernote launches a startup acceleration programme Evernote Company has initiated the Evernote Accelerator programme, which is a one-month training course for selected developers at Evernote headquarters. Evernote Accelerator has been created with the support of a number of strategic partners, including DOCOMO Innovation Ventures and Honda Silicon Valley Lab that provide financial support to the programme activities.

We want to help the developers build not just great products that work alongside Evernote, but great businesses that do, too, - said in Evernote’s statement. - So this year, we are launching the Evernote Accelerator. We’re going to work with a small number of teams — no more than six — and do everything we can to help them build their ideas into successful products and businesses.

The intensive training course is primarily focused on startups and help them develop new products in information sharing and increasing productivity on the basis of Evernote platform. Evernote, in turn, can find new application of its own cloud services - Skitch, Web Clipper, Penultimate.

The launch of Evernote Accelerator took place as part of intensive work conducted with the developers in 2013. Evernote’s partners will conduct a series of lectures for startups on some topics including crowdfunding, hiring employees, work with mobile operators, cross-platform architectures and project presentation. Some of these lectures will be open, giving participants a chance to communicate with many great people here in Silicon Valley.

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