Final of the Russian Code Cup 2013: fight of the best programmers

Final of the Russian Code Cup 2013: fight of the best programmersIn September, 23 in Moscow will be held a final of one of the key events of Russia on sports programming – Russian Code Cup 2013. This day in the office of the company Mail.Ru Group will be held competition between the best programmers from various countries, and also there will speak professionals of global IT-industry.

Overall competition RCC 2013 will reveal the most fast and gifted of 50 programmers, which successfully maintained challenges of qualification rounds and semi-final, and won more than 3500 competitors. They will have to solve several difficult tasks on programming, showing mental speed and skills to gather in stress situation.

More than one third of participants of the final represent foreign countries. Most of them will come to Moscow from USA (mainly, from the city of high technologies San-Francisco), Ukraine and Belorussia. Russian participants work or educate in large cities of the country – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov and others.

The oldest participant of the final competition is 29 years old, and the youngest is 18. Almost all finalists are men; the only one girl in the competition is Natalya Bondarenko from Saratov. She has great chances for win: last year she has taken the second place on RCC.

Participants of the vent will see the speech of the programming methodology founder, a member of Computer hall of glory Edward Yourdon, who has shared his forecast of development for computer technologies in the near 10 years. Participants of the final will be got acquainted with the last achievements in robotics by inventor of the first in the world robot with web-interface Ken Goldberg, and a developer of the program algorithm Advanced eBook Processor Dmitry Sklyarov will say about secrets of the reversed analysis.

Total prize Fund RCC 2013 comprises $18K: winner of the competition will get $10K; winners of the second and third place will get $5K and $3K correspondingly.

Tasks for participants are jointly developed by Mail.Ru Group and experts of National investigating University for Information Technologies, mechanics and optics.

Russian Code Cup is the largest in Russia annual open competition on sports programming, which has been held since 2011. Competitions are held in three stages: qualification rounds and selective round – in the online mode, and in order to take part in the final programmers come to Moscow.