Medvedev visits Startup Sauna in Finland

Medvedev visits Startup Sauna in FinlandPrime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is on a working visit to Helsinki, visited Startup Sauna which develops innovative projects in various areas on Wednesday after talks with the leadership of Finland. When he came into the room and saw the name, Medvedev jokingly asked: Shall we undress since it is a sauna?

On Wednesday Medvedev visited the leading university of Finland - Aalto University. He saw the development which aims to increase the safety of firearms at hunting. In addition, the prime minister saw a new disinfectant for touch screens, the development of which was supported by Russian specialists. The main feature of it is that it does not contain alcohol and other substances harmful to touch screens, the anti-bacterial component is based on the juice of cloudberry, which is a widespread northern berry.