Skoltech to create a Center for Stem Cell Research

Skoltech to create a Center for Stem Cell ResearchA tripartite agreement to establish Skoltech Center for Research, Education and Innovation to conduct stem cell research, was signed on the 8th of April, 2013 in the framework of the RF President Vladimir Putin’s working visit to the Netherlands. The University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and N.I. Vavilov Institute of General Genetics will take part in the creation of the Center.

The agreement was signed by the rector of Skoltech Edward Crawley, Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Groningen Professor Folkert Kuipers, and the Director of Institute of General Genetics, RAS corresponding member N.K. Jankowski.

The Center for Research, Education and Innovation (CREI) in stem cells research is the first of the 15 CREIs of Skoltech to be established by 2020. These are international projects with the implementation period of 5 years each. The total budget is $675M. The implementation of combined programmes will allow students to take part in latest scientific researches from the first years of training. The CREI on stem cells will train at least 20 specialists in regenerative medicine a year. The result of its work will be a deeper understanding of the fundamental aspects of stem cells activity, which, in turn, will lead to the development of new therapies and new drugs.

Stem cell research is one of the fastest growing and promising areas of biomedicine. The Nobel Prize in 2012 was awarded for discovering the possibility of body tissues regeneration grown from stem cells. The work of Skoltech CREI on stem cells will allow Russia to become one of the world leaders in biomedical research in the near future.

The establishment of Skoltech Centers for Research, Education and Innovation is based on a promising idea that universities should independently determine the priority areas of their research and commercialization of its results in accordance with the public interest and the needs of national economic development – the Rector of Skoltech Edward Crawley said at signing the Agreement.