“Ural Skolkovo” is opened in Yekaterinburg

“Ural Skolkovo” is opened in Yekaterinburg The Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Evgeniy Kuivashev and head of Ural Federal University Viktor Koksharov opened a new building of Innovation infrastructure complex.

Layout and prototyping department, communication center “Ckolkovo-Ural” and some other departments are located here. At the moment Innovation infrastructure of Ural Federal Institute include 64 small innovation enterprises, 4 functional innovative-implemental centers. Besides, the University developed a support system of science-driven entrepreneurism development, from youth involvement in innovative activity and new ideas generation to modern goods production.

Thus, on the basis of Innovation infrastructure a new cyclotron will function, which is created by Russian experts. According to director of irradiation sterilization center Sergey Bazhukov, accelerator will assist in processing at least 25 thousands of cubic meters of goods annually, including blood components transfusion system, syringes, drop bottles, surgical dressing, - reports site www.rg.ru

“Formerly supplies of medical equipment had to take its products out to sterilization in other regions, for example in Kurgan; nowadays they will come to us,” - noted Bazhukov.

“During three years the University managed to form the whole complex of organizational technologies,” - noted pro-rector of Ural Federal University on innovation activity Sergey Kortov. – “Besides, the University continues to develop partnership with Ural department of Russian Academy of Sciences, other Universities of Ural and large corporations and manufactures.”