Justin Bieber invested $1,1M in a new network for teenagers

Justin Bieber invested $1,1M in a new network for teenagersPopular pop-singer Justin Bieber invested $1,1M in a new social network “shots of me”, focused on teenagers, informed the “CNN Fortune”.

Founders of the “Shots Of Me” have initially developed social mobile games under the brand “RockLive”. Director General of the “RockLive” John Shakhidi states, that has got acquainted with Justin, when he actively started to write about games “RockLive” in his micro-blog “Twitter”. After this Justin Bieber took part in the discussion and the company’s products testing, and paid special interest to creation of a social network for teenagers, which, according to Mr.Shakhidi, will offer user something that other existing platforms does not have. Mr.Shakhidi refused to tell more about the “Shots Of Me”. According to the name, the main content are photos.

Founders of the social network have already attracted investments in amount of $2,7M. Among investors are the venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and investor Tom McInerney. Participation of Justin Bieber in the project promotion will allow founders attracting huge youth audience: Justin Bieber for the long period of time had a great amount of subscribers in Twitter, and his first photo in Instagram caused problems with the server of the company. According to founders’ statement, the “Shots Of Me” will be presented in the Apple Store during the week.