The Head of Tatarstan reports to the RF President

The Head of Tatarstan reports to the RF PresidentThe Head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov on Monday reported to Dmitry Medvedev on the work of republic industrial and innovation clusters, said the Kazan IT-park.

Speaking about the Information Technology Industrial Park, R. Minnikhanov said that the industrial park is fully loaded. Last year, the IT-park revenue comprised 2 B 600 M (RUR - IF), and this year we plan up to 4 B (RUR - IF), - said the head of the republic. At the same time, he complained that the level of the IT-sector in GDP of Russia is much higher in other countries than in Russia.

This needs systematic solutions, and we are conducting this work, - he added.

R. Minnikhanov informed the President about the prospective project of Innopolis and IT-University construction. In two days the designers from Singapore will come and present the ready project, - he said.

I will inform you, - R. Minnikhanov promised to D. Medvedev and the country's president said: You’d better not inform, but invite, when you start implementing, to see what is happening there.

Responding to the President’s question about the terms of the project, the head of the republic said that the project is planned to be put into service in two years.