The Skolkovo will be added by new research centers

The Skolkovo will be added by new research centersWithin the conducted meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Skolkovo Fund in December, 11 there have been executed two agreements with the key partners of the Skolkovo Fund.

There has been executed the pack of agreements between the company Boeing, the Skolkovo Fund, the Group Industrial investors and the Group Tranzas about establishment of the Aviation Educational Center Skolkovo on the territory of the innovation center Skokovo. In the center will be executed the research activity, and also preparation and education of engineering-technician personnel with the aim of security increase on air transportation. The opening of the center is planned for 2015.

Of course this agreement will influence the ecosystem of the Skolkovo. The Aviation Educational Center will become the attracting center for all participants: from companies-residents and our University Skoltech to large industrial partners. I am sure that the cooperation will be productive, - said the President of the Skolkovo Fund Victor Vekselberg.

The main investor of the project is the Group Industrial investors, the amount of investments at the first stage will exceed 1,5B RUB. According to the President of Industrial investors Sergey Generalov, this is a really unique example of partnership between branch leaders for development of innovation investigations and increase of flights security.

The Skolkovo Fund and the company Schneider Electric have executed an agreement on establishment of the Innovation Center Schneider Electric on the territory of innograd, where will be developed absolutely new products for managements system of electric energy distribution for power lines. It is planned that the Center will start functioning in 2015, and in 2017 there will work already 100 high-qualified workers, mainly Russian scientists and engineers.

Activity of the R&D Center of the Schneider Electric will be focused on creation of improved systems of electric energy distribution for power lines, development of managing systems for isolated generators and pipelines of various applications, solutions adapting for Russian terms, etc. It is planned that in 2017 there will be working work 100 high-qualified workers, mainly Russian scientists and engineers.

Victor Vekselberg, the President of the Skolkovo Fund: We lay great hopes on cooperation development with the company Schneider Electric. Joint work of Russian and French specialists in the R&D Center, agreement on establishments of which has been executed today by us, will allow developing absolutely new, applied for Russia solutions in the sphere of creation of intellectual power lines. I am sure that this will make an important impact in creation of smart energetic of the 21st century in our country.